Double Up is a national model for produce incentives. It is active in grocery stores in 18 states. Developed by national nonprofit Fair Food Network, Double Up matches SNAP dollars spent on fresh fruits and vegetables.

Double Up is a win/win/win. Low-income families bring home more healthy food, local farmers and grocers gain new customers and make more money, and more food dollars stay in the local economy.

Double Up was one of the first healthy food incentive programs in grocery stores. In 2013, Fair Food Network brought its experience with incentives at farmers markets to grocery stores in one of the first pilots in the nation. Today, through local partnerships in 19 states and growing, the Double Up model can be found at a variety of retail outlets in small towns and big cities. Local and regional agriculture remains a key feature of Double Up in all settings.

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Why Double Up?

  • Distinguishes store in the marketplace
  • Enhances produce section and increases produce sales
  • Attracts new SNAP customers
  • Increases SNAP spending in produce and other departments
  • Encourages store loyalty and repeat visits
  • Generates good will among appreciative customers
  • Strengthens employee culture and motivates cashiers who connect with customers in a new way
  • Generates positive media attention and recognition of your store as a community partner


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