“You mean I get that much food and the farmer gets all of that money? I like this. It feels like we’re helping each other.” — YMCA Farmers Market customer in Grand Rapids

What is Double Up Oklahoma?

Double Up Oklahoma is a statewide healthy food incentive program. This program doubles the value (up to $20 per day) of federal Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits spent at participating farmers markets, helping people bring home more locally-grown fruits and vegetables.

How does Double Up Oklahoma work?

Double Up provides SNAP recipients with a one-to-one match to buy healthy, locally-grown fruits and vegetables when they use their Access Oklahoma card at participating locations.

Who qualifies for Double Up Oklahoma?

It’s easy! Anyone receiving SNAP benefits is automatically eligible – if you have an Access Oklahoma card, you can use this program at participating locations.

What can I buy with Double Up Oklahoma?

Double Up Oklahoma can only be used to purchase fruits and vegetables that are fresh, frozen, canned, or dried with no added salt, sugar, or fat.

How do I get Double Up Oklahoma tokens?

At farmers markets: Before shopping, SNAP customers should go to the information booth, where market staff can help you get started.

Can I redeem Double Up Oklahoma tokens earned at a farmers market at a participating grocery store?

No. Double Up Oklahoma tokens must be redeemed at a participating farmers market or mobile market.

Can I redeem Double Up Oklahoma tokens from the farmers market at a grocery store?

No. Double Up Oklahoma tokens can be used at any farmers market, but not a grocery stores.


Samuel Kirzner
Double Up Oklahoma Manager | Hunger Free Oklahoma
907 S Detroit Ave, Suite 600, Tulsa, OK 74120
918-703-0047 | samuel.kirzner@hungerfreeok.org